Accommodation solutions

Higher standards at lower costs, through economies of scale

Governments, leading companies and institutions recognise the value of worker welfare through providing good, safe and fulfilling accommodation for their workforce.

accommodation solutions

Renaissance Villages

global standards

Renaissance applies global best practices, compliant with UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO) standards in living facilities, along with good meals and recreation that ensure dignity and lifestyle for workers, meeting global minimum expectations.

turnkey concept

Design, build, own, operate solution for raising standards of lifestyle, and welfare for workforces, at competitive cost, through economies of scale. Renaissance has a proven track record for project concept, design, execution and long-term operation.

largest workforce accommodation in oman

Renaissance Village Duqm

A pioneering enabler of the government's vision for Duqm as a smart city and global logistics hub driving economic diversification.

US$208 million

since 2017

US$130 million

Additional investment
in expansion

18,655 beds

Planned expansion
to 24,895

192,480 m²

Total land

180,891 m²

Total built-up

renaissance village duqm

Comprehensive and integrated accommodation solution

A new standard in providing a safe, healthy and friendly residential solution for all levels of employees at large organisations in flagship facility in the
Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD).


Well spaced out


Hygiene and food safety

Multi-cuisine restaurant

Global cuisines

Laundry and housekeeping

Cleanliness and care

Health and fitness

Gymnasium and sports

Accommodation options

Multiple room formats


Restaurants & Cafes

Community rooms

Recreational spaces


Supermarket, money exchange

Clinic, library and more

Wellness and good living

a prestigious partnership

Renaissance Villages PDO

Renaissance owns, operates and maintains five workforce accommodation facilities for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) since 2000. The Permanent Accommodation for Contractors (PACs) are located at the oil rig locations in Oman for provision of quality accommodation facilities to the staff working at the sites. With an overall capacity of c. 7,600 beds, these residential complexes, built at an investment of over US$260 million serve as a ‘home away from home’ for those working in the interior.

Renaissance Village

Since 2010

Renaissance Village

Since 2000

Renaissance Village
Qarn Alam

Since 2002

Renaissance Village

Since 2010

Renaissance Village

Since 2000