Renaissance rolls out extensive vaccination programme

June 25, 2021

Renaissance Services, Oman's leading services solutions company, has deployed a mega COVID19 vaccination program for its employees. The initiative is one of the large-scale healthcare efforts in Oman, covering over 8,800 employees serving at over 100 locations across the country.

Since the arrival of the pandemic, Renaissance has implemented several initiatives under a comprehensive strategy of 'In Service to the Nation', a determined campaign supporting the Government of Oman and the Supreme Committee for COVID19 to meet the challenge.

Commenting on the initiative, Samir J Fancy, Chairman – Renaissance Services said, "This extensive vaccination drive undertaken by Renaissance reflects our core values of safety, service and care for our employees, clients and the community. The programme will ensure that our people are protected and substantially reduce the pressure on public health systems and help Oman return to normalcy by countering the challenges caused by the pandemic more effectively. We are extremely grateful for the valuable support of the Ministry of Health, SEZAD, our esteemed clients, and our healthcare partners."

Adil Bahwan, COO – Renaissance Services said, "98% of our workforce delivers essential services that cannot be performed from home or any remote location, and their wellbeing is at the heart of our organisation. Keeping our people safe is vital to ensure that we can continue delivering essential services to our clients and their workforces confidently while being cautious and mindful of the ongoing impact of the pandemic. This vaccination drive gives equal access to all our employees across the organisation to get their vaccine safely and securely."

Since the arrival of the pandemic, Renaissance has worked collaboratively with its clients to scale up and sustain its services to support business continuity in vital industries and projects such as Ports and Oil & Gas fields. Teams working alongside Ministry of Health doctors and medical workers have delivered repetitive sanitising and cleaning services to protect the health and safety of patients and frontline heroes at the height of the outbreak.

Renaissance has also provided hundreds of thousands of freshly-prepared meals daily to Outbreak and Quarantine Centres across the Sultanate, free of charge. The company also continuously engaged with all stakeholders to raise awareness and promote healthy practices. Last year, Renaissance had developed safety guidelines that were openly shared and downloaded by many SMEs, corporates and public sector entities. "Good communication has been the cornerstone of our response to COVID-19, keeping all stakeholders well informed, updated and guiding them with respect to safety protocols," Bahwan added.