Workers’ right to live with dignity

August 17, 2021

Above: Sports and recreational facilities at PDO contractors’ accommodation in Fahud

Intangible returns are many when employers don’t just cover basic needs and amenities in providing worker accommodation, but also focus on quality and care. The returns of this approach are best reflected in overall worker wellbeing and thus, in his or her productivity and efficiency.

A key differentiator besides quality and care, is dignity. The International Labour Organization (ILO) emphasises on dignity in living conditions as a fundamental right. The term ‘dignity’ encompasses ethical living conditions that value, respect and protect worker privacy, safety, nutrition, health, sanitation, and wellness.

Companies and contractors that recognise this right and value the outcomes of fulfilling it will always choose accommodation solutions that put holistic care of their workforce first.

Workers are thousands of miles away from their families and many a times in challenging locations far from cities and towns. They need more than bed, bath and food; a home to come back to and feel a part of a well-looked after, self-sustaining community.

Workforces are a vital part of every country’s growth story and the pillars on which robust economies are built. These pillars need to be strong and accommodation solutions which compromise on quality, cannot be solid foundations for them.

A worker accommodation that meets ILO-listed benchmarks introduces workers to their fundamental right of good housing. It offers structural safety, is clean, meets workers’ health, nutritional and wellness needs, provides recreational facilities, and takes care of their laundry and sanitation needs. Such an accommodation becomes a driver of economic growth and offers employers the benefit of cost optimisation.

Did you know?

ILO housing standards state that workers should have reasonable access to rest and recreation rooms and health facilities, where not otherwise available in the community.