Greener laundry methods matter

July 26, 2022

Laundry can be really dirty work from an environmental perspective. Conventional laundry detergents contain chemicals like Alkyl phenol ethoxylates, sodium hypo chlorite, petroleum-based ingredients, phosphates and parabens which have been proven to have a far-reaching impact on human and environmental health.

According to studies, chemical-laden laundry wastewater depletes oxygen levels in the groundwater table, is highly toxic for aquatic life and disturbs ecological balance. Furthermore, chemical residues in the washed laundry can cause allergies and irritations.

As part of its soft FM services Renaissance handles massive volumes of laundry every day which includes heavily soiled workforce uniforms, hospital clothing and linen - each type requiring different treatment. However, at Renaissance, excellence in service delivery does not come at environmental costs. Taking a step towards its net zero commitment, the company has switched to green-tagged sustainable laundry liquids at Renaissance Village Duqm (RSVD), Renaissance Villages PDO and Ministry of Health hospitals.

Eco-solvents, naturally derived surfactants, plant-based acids and naturally occurring non-hazardous enzymes in these products ensure zero impact on the environment and on users without compromising on cleaning quality.

With this switch to eco-friendly products, Renaissance is:
• Achieving substantial savings in water usage.
• Delivering clean and disinfected laundry that is free of chemical residues.
• Achieving better results with stain, oil and rust removal.
• Improved fabric appearance.
• Taking a significant step towards environmental protection.

These non-hazardous agri-based cleaning and finishing products have been tested for toxicity, carcinogenicity, and allergens and are certified by reputed organisations like Global Vegan Society UK, Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, ToXFMD Screened Chemistry TM, Global Organic Textiles Standard, Non-food Compound, US and EIM Score Genealogia, Italy.