5 ways to kickstart operational excellence in FM

January 13, 2022

Identifying gaps, continuous upgrades, process integration and IoT are key to operational excellence

Large facilities management (FM) companies may have their set of shifting challenges, but they also have vast opportunities to initiate operational excellence initiatives. Introducing big or small excellence measures by harnessing organisational intelligence will deliver tangible and intangible value for the company and its clients, society, and the environment. 

1. The first step towards operational excellence begins when each team member in the service delivery line can see the value flow to the customer, thus taking ownership of the operation. 

2. Knowing the gaps is the key to preparedness. Get a deeper understanding of an issue or an area of operation that has the potential to implement an excellence initiative. Seek these out rather than waiting for an opportunity or emergency to present itself.   

3. Ensure that all initiatives integrate siloed or compartmentalised value propositions from different operations for a far more impactful and profitable result. Cross-functional teams are the way of the future. 

4. Focus on data analytics. It is crucial for day-to-day planning, training, better supplier and client relationships, cost efficiency, better time management, facility optimisation, improved security and more. Initiatives boosted by real-time information lead to quicker action and superior service delivery. 

5. Continuously improve on measures implemented, especially now when newer technologies riding on IoT are disrupting traditional FM practices. Good operational excellence measures must balance current needs with future requirements. 

Collaboration and communication, aided by technology, remain key to the success of FM firms in the rapidly changing arena of integrated FM and services solutions.